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Turbocharger – Turbonetics GT-K 500

Turbonetics GT-K 500


Product Specifications

Product Information
Brand: Turbonetics
Manufacturer Part Number: 11260
Sizing and Specifications
Item Weight: 35 Pounds

Turbonetics GT-K 500 Product Description

The GT-K family has been designed for maximum performance utilizing the most advanced turbocharger engineering and components. This next generation of turbo units features special Map Enhancement Porting to allow the compressor wheel to operate at its maximum efficiency across a very broad rpm range. This variant of bleed air design, has precisely placed slots machined into the compressor housing to limit effects of surge when using large turbochargers on small displacement engines as well as providing additional air flow to make maximum horsepower at high boost pressure levels and across the entire rpm range. Aerodynamics is what separates the GT-K turbo line from the competition. Equipped with the latest HP Compressor Wheels, designed to maximize efficiency at high boost pressures, and the F1 Turbine wheel, created to capture maximum exhaust gas energy and reduce back pressures, the GT-K family of turbos delivers unequalled performance. When paired with the Map Enhancement Porting of the GT-K compressor housings, these wheels flow huge volumes of air at high pressure ratios while still delivering a cool efficient intake charge. The F1 Turbines are a new generation of 10 bladed, tall tip height wheels that allow you to turn up the boost without encountering dreadful backpressure issues. Turbonetics exclusive Black-Chrome Perma-Coating also comes standard for heat reflection away from the compressor housing to aid it lowering compressor wheel inlet temperatures and gives these units great looks to match their performance. Select turbo systems will also be able to be upgraded to the GT-K Turbos if so desired. Turbine housings will feature high temperature ceramic coating to trap exhaust gas energy inside the turbine housing for greater energy delivery and faster response time, as well as keeping the engine compartment temperatures low. Cooler under hood temps means more power potential from a cooler compressor intake charge.

Industrial Turbochargers

Forged from the extreme conditions of racing environments, Turbonetics patented bearing technology has revolutionized turbocharger standards of durability and performance. Turbonetics offers a patented Angular-Contact Ceramic Ball Bearing design. This Turbonetics exclusive design is made with almost indestructible silicone-nitride ceramic balls. A conventional unit has a capacity of 60-80 lbs. of dynamic thrust load. The patented Turbonetics design can withstand anywhere from 1000 to 2500 lbs. of loading depending on the family size.The ?angular-contact? feature offers extreme strength because it is used as the loading surface instead of softer, weaker parts in standard units. What does this mean? It means the turbocharger is exceptionally durable in high pressure ratios, is not susceptible to many thrust failures common with standard bearing turbos, will provide fantastic transient response while remaining very fast to spool-up. With Turbonetics Angular-Contact Ceramic Ball Bearing units, you will build boost faster, reach boost sooner in the RPM band and have the peace of mind the turbocharger will survive.
? Ceramic Ball Bearing provides unequalled strength and durability
? Bearing design increases response and airflow delivery at low engine speeds
? Precision balanced at both component and assembly levels
? 354 aerospace H.I.P processed aluminum compressor and 713C Inconel turbine wheels

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