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2015 Video – Subaru 2.5 EJ ATP STI-GOLD Turbo Charger

The ATP Turbo Subaru STi GOLD Turbo.

A purpose designed and developed Billet Alloy Machined Turbo COMPRESSOR Wheel, matched to a custom standard or higher performance turbine Compressor housing and ATP designed Ball-Bearing Pack is the ultimate High-Flow for your Subaru WRX or STi.

These MFS Hi-Flows are similar to the ATP EVO GOLD PROVEN in Mitsubishi EVO’s!

Now you can take it to the EVO’s with a ATP MFS STi GOLD Hi Flow Turbo at a reasonable price from ATP!

Video of Run in tune performed and completed by Vinny @ GOTITREX.

A not too shabby 227.9kW @ all 4’s equipped with a built 2.5 EJ, air being forced in by an ATP STI-GOLD Turbo Charger! Pretty impressive spool up and lots more power to come.



Posted by Got It Rex on Friday, 3 July 2015

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